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In 1975, CEO Adel El Salakawi founded his own establishment for import & export. He started with automotive spare parts. By the early eighties he shifted the career into elevator’s spare parts.Since its inception, Elsalakawi has been characterised by its balanced and unique police that ensures varieties and the best prices without compromising the quality or the safety.

“Future can be redirected focused, slowed down and shaped.”

Although business was exceedingly well with the automotive, Mr.Elsalakawi’s changing conception of the future always been the light that ignites his ambition.Ever since the economic openness crash landed in Egypt's arid landscape, it has seemed to many like a futuristic sort of place: a historical, rising country that was evolving faster than its neighbors countries. Where else would you find a major landmarks, and such a population, a big Arab state with plans to carry out pioneering economic? The future keeps changing though; it’s not what it used to be, and by examining how ideas of the future have risen and fallen, we can see the present more clearly.

“Ideas come from people who are able to look beyond what is possible and see something better.“

Mr.Elsalakawi has noticed that there was a shortage in the elevator market. Back then there wasn’t such a thing as an elevator market, just very small companies for a whole package, with very limited varieties and expensive prices.


Excellence, success, mastery of work and putting forth more effort and time in the performance of one’s assigned duties; all of this provided motivation for him, and pushed him towards achieving his goals. He decided to get out of his shell and open his sight to the globe. So he travelled around Europe trying to absorb all the references that could make him constantly connecting with high intensity on so many different levels of the new business that he's up to. And it wouldn't be that relevant for him to work unless he tried to spark activism in himself and his work.



“Mapping The Future “

By the early eighties Mr. El Salakawi came back to Egypt with wider horizon and confidence. He set up the first branch in Cairo and that was just the beginning of his long way towards the elevator world. Since the inception, we have been characterized by our balanced and unique policy that ensures the best prices without compromising the good quality of the products. Under Mr. El Salakawi’s guidance the company pioneered a series of revolutionary era in the elevator field. 

Over the past four decades Egypt was able to consolidate its name and economical position not only in the Arab Region, but also in Europe through our presence at local, regional and global level. It has played a significant role in introducing Egypt to the rest of the world and in consolidating the country’s relationship with other nations, by pledging to attend most of the exhibitions around the world. For that Mr. El Salakawi took the decision to spread his establishment not only by opening so many branches from Delta to Upper Egypt but also by expanding outside by going to the Gulf area. He began with Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and who knows what will be the next country!!?



As a natural extension of Mr. El Salakawi’s vision and philosophy in management, Ms. Eman & Ms. Mona - his daughters - have joined the family business after their graduation. They were inspired by his vision, they took the helm step by step.With a new marketing strategy and company vision, together with a structured organization, they knew all the elements needed to drive the business.

Now Ms. Eman is the Administrative Director and Member of the Executive Management Team. Ms. Mona the Head of Foreign Trade and Member of the Executive Management Team.

All this success wouldn't be the same without a wonderful performance from our  teamwork who put all their effort and time to let our establishment able to consolidate its name locally and globally.

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